Complete Asphalt Maintenance Services in Fredericksburg

Asphalt maintenance closely relates to repairs. When asphalt cracks over time, it is imperative to repair it before it turns into a more severe case. Maintaining asphalt allows you to prevent de-shaping the asphalt. Besides, it keeps the roads and parking lots in good condition.

While several asphalt companies in Fredericksburg, provide installation services, not all help clients with maintenance. Luckily, our partners provide round-the-clock maintenance services from crack filing to line striping and asphalt removal to replacement. Contact us anytime, and our partners will be on-site within minutes. Here’s how our partners handle the task.


A successful asphalt maintenance project begins with preparation. This means ensuring the surface is free of dirt, debris, loose asphalt, and stains. Overlooking preparation will lower the chance of a project’s success. On top of that, it will waste effort, time, energy, and supplies.

Our partners use professional-grade equipment to prepare the surface before proceeding with asphalt maintenance.

This typically involves removing the water, followed by dirt and debris elimination. Although the water may not be visible on the surface, it often lies deep within the cracks. However, once our partners prepare the pavement for repair, all the water and debris are gone.

Crack repair and patching

After cleaning the backtop, our partners proceed with repairing the cracks and patching. Generally, a minor crack only seems to change the surface appearance; it slowly and gradually deteriorates the elements under the surface.

When left unmonitored for long, these cracks expand and turn into potholes. Therefore, sealing the cracks is crucial to repairing the pavement. Our partners use quality materials to make a robust layer of asphalt sealer. Besides, our partners reapply it every year to follow the highest standards of asphalt maintenance.

Line Striping

It all comes down to this! The line stripping is the final stage of asphalt maintenance. Our staff repaints the lines that direct traffic. These lines signify where a driver can park or drive.

Note that while line striping doesn’t sound important in asphalt maintenance – because it doesn’t involve repairs  – it is one of the most crucial steps. Even if you managed asphalt maintenance and repairs like a pro, not adding stripes on the road will make it look incomplete.

This unfinished business is followed by yet another hazardous issue. The drivers would not understand where to go or where to park. Consequently, it might lead to accidents. Not every constructor worker knows how to apply line striping properly. Instead, there are painters skilled in painting the perfect lines.

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Asphalt Removal And Replacement

For a severely damaged asphalt surface, we prefer peeling and paving. This requires removing the asphalt and replacing it. Although this solution takes time, it is efficient and long-lasting.

Also, it is a way out of reflective cracking. This type of cracking occurs when repeated stress cracks a portion of asphalt. Reflective cracking commonly happens when heavy vehicles consistently drive on the same path.

This continuous pressure leads the surface to crack. However, our process ensures maximum coverage and a renewed asphalt surface.

To begin with, our partners extract the damaged portions. This requires them to remove several asphalt layers – until the cracked parts are eliminated. However, we advocate recycling the materials. As such, they do not waste the original asphalt pavement.

Our partners mix the old asphalt into new and sturdy aggregate, forming a thick and firm later. This material is then applied in place of the cracked asphalt.

Note that this process is extensive and requires more time. Therefore, it’s not for you if you’re looking for a short-term, quick solution.

Asphalt Maintenance Tips

We aren’t new to the phrase, “Prevention is better than cure.” While maintaining asphalt is an ideal option, you need to keep a few tips in mind to avoid damaging it intensely.

  • The oxidation process takes place when the asphalt is revealed to the sun’s UV rays and oxygen. Such asphalt becomes more prone to wear and tear. Therefore, applying certain materials to protect against direct UV rays is always better.
  • Water is one of the biggest culprits of asphalt deterioration. While we cannot prevent rain from coming, what we can do, however, is ensure sprinklers do not pour direct water onto the asphalt.
  • Sweeping asphalt every week removes the loose gravel from its surface and enhances its appearance. It also allows you to inspect damages and cracks and take action on time.
  • If heavy vehicles cross the asphalt regularly, consider installing a concrete surface at those particular places.
  • Consider seal coating asphalt every 2-3 years. It acts as a barrier and prevents asphalt from oxidation and water absorption. Seal coating is like sunscreen. Just as sunscreen protects our skin from the sun, seal coating keeps the asphalt safe.